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We, the People of the World, are facing a critical choice point in time where our individual decisions made today not only impact ourselves and our families, but also the world at large.


Time To Choose

As the world edges ever nearer to its choice point – the tipping point of where it is not too late to decide what our world will be like for future generations – we as individuals face choices which will determine not only our global outcome, but also our own lives.

Do we choose knowledge of what we can do in our lives that help, or do we choose ignorance?

Are we working towards solutions that help take us to the right side of our collective Choice Point?

Are we changing ourselves or just blaming others for where we are going?

Are we acting from fear or courage?

Are we willing to be controlled or self-empowered?

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The Choice Point Discussion Group

The Choice Point discussion forum is to help us all align our purposes so we are collectively able to bring forth solutions to help create a world we all want to live in.

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