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Choice Point
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From time to time, humanity faces a Choice Point – a moment in time, where the choices we make today, determine whether we are able to transform to the next level, ready to help others through the power of love or whether we stay stuck with former lessons.

These moments determine whether we “pass” and move on to the next level of reality, ready to learn from new experiences or whether we must return to former lessons.


2020 brings us the choice of Fear or Freedom. The Freedom to have independence of thought, in a time of censorship & confusion, so that collectively we can be the change that we want to see in the world.

All in the name of safety and protection

And so, humanity faces a Choice Point. We must now choose between Fear and Freedom, between Deception and Truth. That is Choice Point 2020, and these are the questions we ask in our upcoming film featuring the insights and wisdom from a number of today’s influential leaders, including Dave Asprey, Bruce Lipton, JJ Virgin and many more…

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