Harry Massey

Harry Massey is the director, writer and founder of Choice Point. As well as being a feature-length documentary film, Choice Point is a vision for transforming the world through helping people to first transform themselves and also providing people with paradigm-changing technology aimed at solving some of the world’s largest problems.

In 2002, Massey founded NES Health Limited, a company dedicated to fostering a 21st-century system of healthcare based on the integration of physics and biology. As part of NES Health www.neshealth.com , Massey invented two health-related clinical technologies: the NES miHealth and NES Provision. These endeavours grew out of his own research into health as he sought to overcome serious illness in his youth.

In 2009, he collaborated with filmmaker Greg Becker to produce The Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing http://www.thelivingmatrixmovie.com to educate and inspire the general public about cutting edge bioenergetics and bio-informational approaches to health and well-being.

Now with the new film Choice Point, Massey moves forward once again with practical applications of the information his films and companies provide. He is furthering his revolutionary R&D work for future companies in line with the Choice Point vision.