“The World’s problems cannot be solved by the same consciousness that created it” Einstein

The population of the world is facing a critical choice point in a time where individual decisions made today not only impact the self, but also affect the world at large. As the world edges ever nearer to its choice point – the tipping point of where it is not too late to decide what our world will be like for future generations – we as individuals also face choices which will determine not only our global outcome but also our own lives, depending on whether we align with where change is going. Choice Point movement is here to help us all to take a step back, understand our world and then to take the choice to align our purposes, so that a lot of the world’s problems can suddenly turn into the world’s solutions and collectively create the world we all want to live in. Together, through our individual contributions, we are the change.

The Love of Power or The Power of Love – which will you choose?

Do we choose knowledge of what we can do in our lives that help, or do we choose ignorance?

Are we working towards solutions that help take us to the right side of our collective Choice Point?

Are we changing ourselves to go with our collective futures or just resenting and blaming others for not keeping with change?

How does Choice Point Movement help us to do this?

The Choice Point Vision at its core is one that helps us all to attain a healthy, wise and purpose filled life so that collectively we can change the world for the better. Choice Point help you to be the best puzzle piece that you can be and then goes on to help us all to collaborate on the solutions too. There are three fundamental aspects that form the foundation of the Choice Point movement:

a) Social – Choice Point Movement is a social network so that those of us who want to both change ourselves and the world are able to share our ideas, find and then collaborate with each other. It’s unique in that it’s a social network with a social mission and enables you to find anyone who may be working on similar ideas, purpose or interests in any location in the world. We also communicate all the positive changes going on in the network, magazine and at events, so that more people can more easily collaborate and find out about where change is going. The social network is provided free of charge and is funded by our self improvement membership.

b) Self – Choice Point premium membership provides collective wisdom on our social network in the form of films, video, courses and ebooks from both great visionaries and your friends to help you make the right choices to fit in with the broader patterns at play and attain the life that you want to live.

c) Health – Working towards people having real freedom of choice when it comes to choosing health. This includes researching and developing 21st century biophysics methods of healing through our sister company NES Health The reason we focus on health is because one’s health is a critical foundation to be able to develop ourselves to our fullest potential.

By giving people a solid foundation of health, from which they can develop themselves through our self-help membership, and then enabling people to share, find and collaborate with each other on their ideas the amazing solutions that are developing in our world. We provide a social network for millions of people to go forth, align their purpose and solve some of the biggest problems on the planet.